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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Starting therapy with the least invasive option seems a logical strategy.
Counseling is recommended because examination, evaluation and choice of therapy can be decided by the same health care professional- Sex Therapist.

Placebo can work wonders along with counseling.

Perineal muscle exercises have to be incorporated in 'Counseling Program', by the Sex Therapist.
Pelvic-floor exercises do not involve any risks, and they are painless. The dropout rate is less than for other interventions and treatment modalities. If treatment is successful, the erection is spontaneous, and this in contrast to injection therapy and use of a vacuum pump or penile prosthesis. The cost of the therapy is low, but the patient needs to be motivated to perform the exercises 90 times daily at home for a period of 4 months.

Results indicate the need for further investigation. Randomized controlled trials are needed to define the efficacy of physical therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Comparing the results of a protocol that can be administered by a physical therapist reported here with other interventions shows that a pelvic-floor muscle program is a possible noninvasive alternative to treat patients with erectile dysfunction caused by venous occlusion.

A Controlled Study to Evaluate the Impact of a Psychosexual Assessment on Treatment Adherence and Satisfaction in Men with Erectile Dysfunction

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